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Vacate cleaning tips to help get your bond back!

Moving to a new rental property? Stressed out about getting your bond back? Here are a few of the things commonly missed by tenants when vacate cleaning!

Inside the property

When a real estate agent goes through a property to complete a final inspection, their job is to look at the overall condition of the property, but also to check that it has been cleaned properly and ready for the next tenant! Below is a list of places commonly missed by vacating tenants:

  • Window sills

  • Behind fridges/washing machines

  • Sinks in the kitchen/bathroom

  • Skirting boards

  • Bathroom or kitchen fans

  • Stove tops / range hoods

Outside the property

A misconception held by many new tenants, is that the outside of the property is not their responsibility or will not have to be cleaned up upon vacating. Below are some of the things that real agents will look at when doing their final inspection:

  • Driveways / garage floors

  • Garden; lawns, weeds, overgrown trees

  • External facade

  • External windows and window sills

  • Eaves cleaned of cobwebs

  • Excess dust, leaves, rubbish has been cleaned

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