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Home Maintenance Checklist - Part I - Outside Your House

Proper maintenance of your house is really important for many reasons, including safety for you and your family or even just for better aesthetics. However, actually doing the job can be really stressful if you are not quite sure where to begin. Here you will find a simple checklist with the main things you should keep your eyes before Spring arrives:

1. Ground Cleanup

Remove leaves, lay down mulch in the flowerbeds and mow the lawn.

2. Lawns and hedges

Reseed the lawn, plant perennials and be prepared to care care of them in Spring.

3. House inspection

Look for possible hazards, like cracks in the concrete, bad condition of the driveway or signs of water pooling.

4. Gutters

Check if the gutters are clogged, damaged and clean them as least twice a year.

5. Pool

Inspect all the equipment, make sure the valves and filters are in a good state (if not, change them) and treat the water before swimming.

6. Paint

Apply a fresh coat, in case the paint is

chipped or peeled off.

7. Deck

Sweep the possible winter grime that remained (and clean properly with a cleaning solutions afterwards), look for signs of cracked wood or loose nails and pull out anything stuck between the boards, like leaves or debris.


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