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3 Simple steps to keep your house cleaner.... for longer!!

We have put together some steps that will help you keep your place cleaner for longer, saving you time, sweat and tears!

1. Less is more

The age old saying of 'less is more' couldn't be truer, when trying to keep a house clean! Less clutter is a simple step to take in the fight against dust and germs. Germs and dust love to hang out on all those household items that are rarely used. So by simply removing those old magazines from the coffee table or throwing away those empty bottles on the kitchen bench, you are saving yourself time and effort, and prolonging that dreaded once a month 'spring clean'.

2. I need some fresh air

If you have ever opened up a window that hasn't been opened in a while or turned on a car a/c on full blast after it sitting idle, you will see how much dust can gather when there is no circulation. By simply allowing some air flow through your house, you help keep dust moving from difficult to reach places, which believe it or not is a good thing! Furthermore, it helps keep your house smelling fresh!

3. Consistency is key

As a professional cleaning company, we have a wide range of clients and job types. We have those clients who we clean regularly for, to those clients who get us in once in a blue moon. We can certainly tell you which jobs we prefer...... (hint) the regular ones! This is because it is easier to clean weekly and maintain a level of cleanliness than to have to start from scratch once every couple of months! Stay on top of your cleaning, by doing little bits here and there!

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